My Fav Interview Article

Considering you’re an 18-year-old porn starlet, I find it hard to believe that you were a good girl in high school who did cheerleading and ran track. Were you secretly the rebellious girl who cut class and smoked cigarettes behind the gym?
Charity Bangs: Oh no. I never skipped class. I was too scared. I was a good kid. I didn’t do anything wrong.

A: Having made your first move at 18 from Columbia, South Carolina to LA where you rent a house alone, how do you keep from partying all the time?

CB: There is really no one out here to party with. No one wants to do anything or go anywhere. I’m pretty safe over here.

A: Have you been invited out to drink after a shoot and haven’t been able to go because you’re too young?

CB: I usually find a way.

A: Do you get into 21-and-up clubs on your looks or do you have a fake ID?

CB: I have a couple.

A: You recently went to Bike Week in Daytona where you got a large, purple octopus tattooed on your

right side to compliment your tribal leopard shark tattoo. Had you been wanting to get an octopus for awhile or was it an impulsive decision?
CB: It was very impulsive.
A: Do you have your own motorcycle yet?%{[ data-embed-type=”image” data-embed-id=”57190c2789121c09338d8c04″ ]}%
CB: I’m getting there.
A: You have your boobs done, your nipples pierced, your belly button pierced, your clit pierced, your tongue pierced, your nose pierced, two stars tattooed on your bikini line and now the sharktapus tattoo. Do you plan to do anything else to your body?
CB: I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I haven’t decided quite yet but I’m definitely hoping for a little more.
A: Even though you’re 18, with your tattoos and boob job, are you still marketed as a teen?
CB: Actually no. I don’t get as much teen work as someone who is like 27 with no tattoos.
A: Did anyone warn you against body modification?
CB: I was told not to get my boobs done, but I was like oh no. I did it anyhow. I love them now. I would feel really weird without them. I feel like now they go with my body perfectly.
A: How much of a change was your boob job?
CB: I went from an A to a triple D. I got like 500 CCs. I’m pretty big.
A: If my dick quadrupled in size I would show it to everyone. Was that what it was like with your boobs?
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A: How did you pay for your breast implants since you got them before getting into porn? Were you dancing at the time?
CB: I was dancing at a club in Columbia.
A: Did you meet the person who introduced you to porn at the club?
CB: No. The people who introduced me to porn, I was actually babysitting for.
A: Is it true that you slept with the dad of the couple you were babysitting for?
CB: Yeah. Then they told me that they do a lot of custom videos.
A: Do you think he hired you with the intention of sleeping with you and introducing you to porn?
CB: No, because I started babysitting really young, when I was like thirteen or fourteen. I had known them for a long time. Then we went out one night and just got crazy. Then they told me about everything.
A: Your first DVD , “Tug Jobs 19,” was just released by Bang Bros. You’ve only shot a few scenes but you’ve already done anal. Was that a business decision to go hardcore early on or do you do anal in your personal life?
CB: I do it in my personal life. That was actually the first scene I shot with Bang Bros. I shot that and the hand job scene in the same day.
A: Have you had any problems interacting with obsessive fans at adult expos or award shows?
CB: Those people get crazy. I don’t understand it. They just want to mob you the whole time you’re standing there. It’s funny. You can’t even walk from one side of the booth to the other without offending someone whose question you didn’t answer. They freak out and start screaming at you. It’s crazy.
A: I imagine it’s easy to piss off fans simply by not having the time to respond to all of their messages on Twitter. Have you gotten a lot of negative fan mail?%{[ data-embed-type=”image” data-embed-id=”57190c2789121c09338d8c03″ ]}%
CB: When I was still living in Columbia and it first came out what I was doing, that happened a lot because it just wasn’t socially accepted. Everyone freaked out and started sending hate mail. I just brush it off.
A: Do you travel with your two miniature schnauzers?
CB: I took them to Vegas for the AVNs but they got kind of sick, so now I’m scared to travel with them. But normally I take them everywhere with me. They traveled cross country with me.
A: Do you want to do feature dancing?
CB: Eventually. I’ve been working on it. I feel like dancing is the hardest thing in the world. Going up and talking to people is the worst part of it because you have to scream at them. I wasn’t a fan of the club but I definitely want to feature dance.
A: Did you have any traumatic experiences working at the strip club?
CB: Oh my God, I have the funniest story! I was giving a private dance for some guy and all of a sudden he started shaking really hard. Then his pants got really wet. He came in his pants. It was the weirdest thing ever. I was like, “What did you just do? Should I leave now?” I mean, you’re not even allowed to do that are you?
A: I thought you were going to say he had a heart attack, which wouldn’t have been as funny?
CB: Yeah, it’s completely funny because he just came all over himself.